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Document management is a critical element for every tax preparer, but it can quickly become a headache if you don’t have the right system in place. A document management software like ProClient can help firms store and manage clients’ files and documents without a hassle. With such a solution, tax preparers can serve more clients quickly and with high-level accuracy, with an opportunity to securely share these documents and collaborate with clients.

ProClient was born from UltimateTax, a leading tax service offering tax professionals quality software and efficient support. Initially, we were working with desktop-installed tax software that involved a lot of manual processes – get the software on disks, install it on a computer, install updates, and even manually fix the program whenever needed.

This process was exhaustive and time-consuming. The more clients we got, the more data we were required to store hence the more computers we needed. We decided to switch to online tax preparation software, ProClient, to help secure document management.

The tool has been efficient since we no longer need multiple platforms for scheduling, documents, messaging, and client portal; it’s all in one tool.

So, if you’re considering moving to online tax services, ProClient is the ultimate tool you need!

The Importance of Secure Document Sharing for Tax Professionals

Secure document sharing is your ticket to adequate tax preparation. If you don’t practice it, you could risk losing millions.

In fact, in the first half of 2022, about 800 data breaches were reported in the US. Over 53 million individuals were affected by the data compromises, including data breaches, exposure, and leakage. These are three different events, but one thing is common—these breaches result from inadequate data security.

There are various levels of secure document sharing for tax professionals and several options you can use to run your business more effectively. At best, secure document sharing should provide:

Secure Storage

Secure document sharing options have various features designed to protect against current and anticipated threats. Tax preparers plan for the unexpected and ensure data safety and security. Clients can request any document comfortably, knowing that all the data will always be private with end-to-end encryption. The same protection applies when sending documents to clients, so you know they are always safe and protected in the software.

Precise Access ControlPrecise Access Control

With secure document sharing protocols, you can manage users and their access to sensitive information. This means you can give correct permissions so only specific individuals can access certain files. Granular permission control adds an extra layer of security to the protected documents from being shared with those without authorization. Access controls can also include a two-step authentication process and an additional password for added protection to support secure document sharing for tax preparers.

Custom Branding

With custom branding, clients will feel at ease using the platform as they are already familiar with the theme and logo, giving them a high assurance when sharing documents. It’s easier for clients to create their portal and brand it with a branded email, images, custom URLs, and more. The client can also access the portal 24/7 on any device, allowing them to upload securely, download, review, and share sensitive documents within one branded platform.

ProClient Docs Features

As the volume of documents you create, use, and store increases, so do the breach risks. To achieve optimum security, an organization requires a multilayered approach that combines effective practices, awareness training, and document security systems.

At ProClient, we provide full-service document management to allow tax preparers to keep track of and secure the large amount of sensitive data they handle daily. Some of the key features of the document management system include:

ProClient Docs Features












Document Tagging: ProClient has made it easier for clients to tag any type of file on the system. The tagging is stored in a database, and the system won’t interfere with the file names or leave hidden files on your disk.

Document Review: This process should be formalized, centralized, and consistent. ProClient allows clients, team members, and partners to review and give feedback easily on the system. This minimizes the risk of errors, increases the quality and security of the content, and fosters an environment of collaboration among members.

Access Management: Among the most significant features of ProClient is the capability to share documents with other members. We have also ensured that only authorized personnel can access it. Users with the admin role can set permissions for viewers of the content on the files and folders on the document management systems.

File Version Management: ProClient allows clients to easily retrieve and edit information in either the latest or older document version for improved auditing and decision-making with built-in file version management.

The system preserves all versions of the documents so that a complete history of the file lifecycle is retained.

Viewing, Renaming, and Downloading: ProClient document management system allows users to manage all files from a single. This means you can easily view, rename, copy, move, and delete the file, including downloading them to their computer or devices.

Two-Factor Authentication On Documents: ProClient has strengthened document management security by providing two-factor authentication to ensure that clients’ documents are well-protected. This adds an extra layer of protection that requires the user to submit an additional authentication factor along with their username and password

Document Management Best Practices for Tax Professionals

Since many firms create, review and share documents daily, threats to enterprise security are likely to occur.

Organizations need to understand several best practices for effective document management to improve document security.

Establish Access Permissions

It’s important to have strict procedures and policies to regulate user access to confidential and sensitive information. User groups and individual users should be created with pre-set access rights which outline the files and folders each should access and which ones not to. Such a role-based system also allows tax professionals, clients, and staff to access the data they need without risking the integrity of the entire firm.

Encrypted Storage

A cloud CRM system should be able to provide robust encryption capabilities. The information should be automatically encrypted, backed up, and stored safely in the system. It is important to ensure that the system allows you to use end-to-end encryption when sending files to clients.

User Version Control

In the incident that documents have to be shared with multiple users, it can be hard to keep track of any edits made and when they were made. This can increase the risk of document breaches which can be costly for organizations. Instead of sharing documents through email or private messages, use version control with a secure document management system to allow you to see who accessed the document and if any changes were made. This functionality ensures that users can track a deletion made previously or any unwanted changes.

Manage Your Tax Business with ProClient

Document management with CRM software can help tax professionals enable transparency in the organization, including streamlining document management workflow, which further supports staff collaboration. You will also see benefits in terms of efficiency, productivity, and cost saving.

At ProClient, we help you handle everything related to document management, including scheduling, document review, tagging, file version control, renaming, viewing, and downloading. This helps tax preparers deliver on their work while saving them time and money in the long run.

If you have not thought about document management, now is the best time to get started with the help of CRM software.

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