Tax Office Management Software

Wondering how to make your tax office run smoother? It’s time to find out what tax office management software can do for you.

Running an accounting firm can get complicated fast, especially when you’re helping all your clients stay current with their tax obligations. Tax office management software addresses these complexities, helping you save time and better meet your clients’ needs.

If you’re dealing with multiple management tools to keep things straight, ProClient offers an all-in-one solution. As our clients will tell you, it’s the only management tool they need to keep their accounting offices running smoothly.

Why Invest in Accounting Firm Management Software?

If you’re coasting along with the status quo and haven’t yet made the switch to practice management software for your accounting business, there are countless benefits:

Invest in Accounting Firm Management

Frees Up Time

Chances are, you and your team are doing manual tasks that could be automated to save you time. Scheduling? Sending out invoices? Chasing down delinquent invoices?

Managing a steady stream of tax documents? These are just a few of the tasks that can be automated, allowing you to focus on other matters at work and at home.

Eliminates Mistakes

Any time a human performs a task, there’s a risk of human error. Maybe you’ve misplaced a client document, calculated an invoice incorrectly, or scheduled yourself to be in two client meetings at the same time. When you automate these processes, you can minimize the risk of mistakes. Good management software can increase your accuracy and ability to stay organized.

software eliminates mistakes

Centralizes Your Processes

When tax office processes are fragmented, it leads to mistakes and inefficiencies. Perhaps you have one system for scheduling and another system for client communications…and another system still for managing client documents. When you bring everything together in one central hub, you can maximize your efficiency and keep things from falling through the cracks. An all-in-one software solution can turn your tax office into a well-oiled machine.

improves customer service

Improves Customer Service

Software can help streamline communication with clients, allow you to track client interactions and requests, and organize information so you can give clients what they need faster. Some people think automation makes customer service less personal, but the right software actually helps you stay in better touch with your clients and meet their needs more efficiently.

Helps You Grow

The more manual processes you rely on, the more you limit your growth. Keep adding customers, and you’ll ultimately exhaust your staff. But when you turn tasks over to a software program, you can scale up exponentially without running out of resources.

For example, if your bookkeeper creates and manages invoices, and you add 20 new clients overnight, your bookkeeper will struggle to keep up. But if your software generates invoices and tracks accounts receivable for you, you can add 100 clients on the spot, and your computer will scale up without a hitch.

allows remote access

Allows Remote Access

If you’re tied to on-premise (traditional) tax office software, you’ll automatically limit your productivity, which is why you should check into cloud-based accounting practice management software. The main difference between on-premise and cloud tax office software is where they’re hosted, which affects how they’re set up and maintained.

On-premise tax office software means buying licenses and installing the system on servers located within your building. You’ll need to pay an IT team to build the system, run updates, manage backups, and handle security.

Cloud-based software is different. It’s a web-based application hosted on the provider’s servers (the “cloud”) and accessed remotely over the internet. No local server or computer installation is needed. Your team can work from home or when they’re on business travel, allowing for seamless productivity.

tax office management software improve security

Improves Security

Security in any industry is important, but especially in accounting. All day long, you handle sensitive financial documents, making you a target for cyber attacks. Tax office software can help elevate your security with encryption, automatic backups, and compliance checks that keep you in sync with security laws and regulations and protect you from data theft and data loss.

Why Choose ProClient?

There are plenty of management platforms for accounting offices, so why choose ProClient? We’re confident that it’s hands-down the best management software out there for tax offices.

Here are just a few of the reasons why:

created by tax pros

Created by Tax Pros

We don’t have to tell you that the needs of a tax office are different than those of other businesses, and that’s why a one-size-fits-all business management tool is not the best choice for your firm. It may have all kinds of bells and whistles that you don’t need (but still have to pay for). On the other hand, it might lack the features you really need.

The beauty of ProClient is that it was created by tax professionals. We vetted all kinds of management software but could not find what we needed. Our solution: create our own. The result is ProClient, a platform uniquely attuned to the needs of your tax office.

Invoice Management

Managing invoices manually wastes countless hours of your staff’s precious time. ProClient automates this process, creating and sending invoices without your having to type or double-check every detail. This saves time and reduces errors. Your team can focus on important tasks instead of getting bogged down with billing processes.

The system tracks payments automatically and stays on top of outstanding invoices by generating reminders so you don’t have to. No more guessing or manually keeping tabs. ProClient shortens the invoice-to-payment cycle and ensures that you don’t run into a cash crunch during the busy tax season.

The system can draw data from your existing accounting setup to create accurate invoices. It automatically sets up recurring invoices as well as adds discounts and taxes. This prevents errors that could happen with a manual system.
Faster payment, fewer headaches, more time back in your life, fewer payroll hours, and clearer financial data to help you with forecasting–these perks make an automated invoicing system a no-brainer.

invoice management software tax office

Client Portal

ProClient’s client portal allows you to better manage your relationships with your customers. For starters, it keeps everything organized. You can easily pull up client information and engagement details on demand. You can communicate with clients through a dedicated portal that can be personalized to personalized to reflect your brand colors and logo. No more sorting through old emails to find out what a client needs – it’s all there in your message history. This allows clients easy access to you, and it helps you respond quickly.

Clients can easily access their invoices and documents without going through one of your staff members. That means no more back-and-forth emails or missed files. This efficiency saves time for both you and your clients.

You can receive real-time updates upon task completion, and your clients can receive reminders, so you’re not constantly having to chase down documents or signatures. Two-factor authentication ensures all sensitive information is securely managed and stored, meeting compliance standards and protecting client data.

document managerment software

Document Management

ProClient’s document management feature makes handling tax documents straightforward for accountants. It allows you to manage versions and control access to files so that only the people who should be viewing the documents have access.

You can forget about the stress of missing files. ProClient’s portal allows customers to upload documents securely, and you can upload documents to share with customers. You can view everything in one central location and monitor for completion and accuracy.

ProClient also helps keep your team efficient. With features like document tagging and version management, you can quickly locate and update files. Need last year’s tax returns? No problem. Every version of every document is there when you need it, and they’re easy to retrieve. This keeps your team focused on preparing taxes instead of hunting down paperwork. All documents are protected by SSL encryption, backed up daily, and stored using the highly reliable Amazon AWS cloud servers.

Calendar / Self-serve Scheduling

ProClient’s calendar feature is a powerful tool within our CPA practice management software suite. It helps streamline scheduling, ensuring you never miss an important meeting.

With an interactive appointment book, you, your team, and your clients can manage schedules with varying access levels.

Clients can easily book meetings at their convenience with the appropriate team member. This self-service option saves time for everyone involved.

All parties will get an appointment reminder. If anyone needs to change an appointment, all affected parties will be notified.

Self serve Scheduling

You’ll have more control of your schedule because you can block off unavailable times, set up downtime between meetings, and even set a maximum number of appointments per day.

The ProClient calendar syncs with your Google or Outlook calendar, so you always stay updated. This integration means you don’t need to switch between apps to manage your schedule. All your appointments appear in one place, making it easy to keep track of your days and weeks.


Protecting client information is a big deal in accounting. Without the right system, your practice could face serious risks. ProClient helps by collecting and securing data with world-class security and encryption.

ProClient uses Secure Socket (SSL) encryption with strong 256-bit encryption. This keeps your client information private and secure. You can gather sensitive details without worrying about unauthorized access.

Payments made with credit cards are processed by Payrix, a PCI-compliant service partner. This setup ensures you meet compliance standards without extra hassle.

Ready to Give ProClient a Try?

You’ve invested a lot of time and effort into your tax office. If you’re ready to take it up a level with management software, you can begin to discover the magic of working less but accomplishing more.

Most of our clients are surprised to see how much time they have been wasting on cumbersome manual tasks — and how many of these tasks can actually be performed better when they’re automated.

ProClient will make you more accessible to your clients and more responsive to their needs. Its security features will keep you safe from data breaches and increase customer confidence.

We know that work-life balance can be tenuous for tax professionals–especially during tax season. ProClient comes to your rescue, taking care of the administrative tasks so that you can spend your time on the things only you can do.

To get started with ProClient:

  1. Contact us for a free 14-day trial. You can add up to 5,000 contacts and access all of our features so you can get a good feel for how ProClient would work in your office.
  2. Choose the plan that’s right for you. Plans start for as little as $197 per year for 5,000 contacts and three users.
  3. Orient your staff with our user-friendly “Getting Started” guide. Your team can be up and running after a brief tutorial.
  4. Inform your clients. A couple weeks before you launch ProClient, let your clients know about the switch. Emphasize what’s in it for them (easier communication in a dedicated portal, convenient and secure invoice payment options, secure document storage with easy upload features, and self-scheduling options for meetings with ProClient advisors).

We pride ourselves on a platform that’s so intuitive “even Grandma can figure it out” in a single sitting. Our US-based support will help make the transition as easy as possible, and when you see the benefits for your tax office, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

Investing in ProClient is an investment in the future of your firm. From one tax professional to another, you’ll love what we can do to simplify your life and help your business thrive in exciting new ways.