Streamline Document Management with a Comprehensive CRM

As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is call a client to inform them that valuable documents are missing.

ProClient Docs


Not only does electronic document management help with a secure CRM keep client documents safe, but integrated features such as a client portal, client scheduling, and top-notch security also keep documents easily accessible and secure for both staff and clients.

Features Designed for Your Convenience

ProClient Docs offers business owners a safe and secure way to manage the influx of documents received daily.

Offer Clients Visibility to Your Tasks and Projects

Secure Document Sharing

The ProClient Portal allows your clients to upload all confidential documents safely and securely. Share completed forms via the client portal to collect signatures and easily retrieve the documents at any time. ProClient stores all records in one central location, allowing you to easily manage all of your clients.
Secure Data and File Sharing

Document Tagging

The ability to tag documents adds an extra level of organization to your business, making it much easier to locate any documentation. For example, you may want to create an ‘incomplete’ tag to ensure that no documents are forgotten or create tags for internal documents, like rent or warranties on office equipment. The more documents you have to manage, the more beneficial tags are to your organization.
Effective Budget and Invoice Management

Document Review

The document review feature lets you review what documents your client has uploaded to ProClient through the portal, so you can quickly check them for accuracy. The review feature also keeps you up-to-date on all requested documents, so you’ll know you have everything you need to complete it from start to finish.
ProClient Docs

Access Management

Document access controls are critical to security. In ProClient, system admins can set access levels for staff and clients, ensuring that stored files and folders are only accessible to those with the proper permissions.
ProClient Docs

File Version Management

In most cases, you’ll want to access the most recent version of a document. But what if you’re looking for last year’s files? Our CRM provides you with full access to every version of your documents for ultimate transparency.
ProClient Docs


Using the cloud to store your documents can save you a lot of headaches, but they’ll still need to be properly organized. ProClient makes the process easy, allowing you to easily change the name of a file to better reflect where it should be stored.
ProClient Docs

Online Viewing and Downloading

Using ProClient, you can view a list of all documents by clicking on the link to view the PDF. You can also click on the action button to add tags, view document details, securely email a document to your client, download a document that has been recently uploaded, or delete a document, all from a single screen.

Improve Staff Collaboration

Staff can be granted access to all relevant documents electronically, with document access tracked for audit purposes. You’ll also be able to manage multiple versions of any document using the version control feature. All previous versions are saved for audit purposes, eliminating the possibility of overwriting a valuable document and losing valuable information.

PtoClient Docs
ProClient CRM

Eliminate Geographical Limitations

With ProClient, you and your staff can access your tools from any device at any location. Plus, you no longer have to worry about unauthorized file access. Easily create the proper permissions for file and folder access using a two-factor authentication process and a role-based system.
ProClient CRM

Mitigate Risk and Compliance Issues

Did you know that every time you send a confidential document or your client sends payment information via regular email, you run the risk of a serious data breach? Using ProClient, you can safely share documents via the portal or by using the secure email function found in the ProClient CRM.
ProClient CRM

Audit Trail and Retention Functionality

ProClient includes audit trail functionality so you can see who has accessed a file, when it was accessed, if any changes were made to the file, and when the file was returned. In addition, you can create multiple versions of a document, enabling you to view any changes made throughout its life.

Secure CRM

ProClient’s user-friendly and comprehensive CRM allows you to manage your business needs, including marketing, document management, billing, scheduling, and more.

  • Daily data backups
  • Data stored on U.S. servers exclusively
  • PCI DSS security for all credit card transactions
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect client data

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