Client Engagement Platform for Accountants

Engaging or re-engaging clients efficiently during busy seasons can be a significant burden. It’s a time when everything seems to happen at once.

You’re swamped with work, there’s a steady stream of clients needing your attention, and everyone expects quick, personalized service.

Juggling all this, plus managing countless client interactions, tailoring proposals, and keeping staff on track, can be quite the balancing act. And sometimes, the tech we rely on doesn’t make things easier. This mix of challenges turns engaging clients during busy seasons into more than just a regular task—it’s a real test of your planning skills and ability to keep things running smoothly.

Enter ProClient’s client engagement platform for accountants. ProClient integrates various tools to simplify your workflow and enhance client interactions.

tax sched doc maange

Tax Office Scheduling and Document Management

ProClient replaces insecure storage methods and various tax software document management systems. It offers a comprehensive solution for scheduling and document management, making your office more efficient. You can quickly find and share documents with clients, schedule meetings seamlessly, and reduce the risk of errors. Clients appreciate the professionalism and reliability of your service, making engagement smoother.


Our platform simplifies and secures the referral process. It’s user-friendly and 100% safe. Managing client referrals becomes easy, and it helps grow your business. Engaging clients through a seamless referral process builds trust and encourages them to refer others.


Manage all client communications in one place. ProClient Inbox replaces other tax client portals. It offers a simple and secure way to handle messages and documents. Centralized communication ensures you never miss a client query or important message. This leads to better engagement and timely responses.


Replace your existing scheduling systems like Calendly or Schedule Once with ProClient Calendar. It offers improved scheduling features that help you manage appointments and avoid double bookings. This makes scheduling hassle-free for clients, enhancing their experience and engagement with your firm.


Say goodbye to insecure storage on your computer and other document management systems. ProClient Docs provides secure file access and better organization for all your documents. Clients can securely upload and access necessary documents. This makes interactions more efficient and secure, fostering trust and satisfaction.

Client Portal

This portal unifies all client interactions in a single, secure location. Customize it with your brand’s logo, colors, and fonts. Give clients access to their information, documents, and more. A personalized and secure portal improves client engagement by offering a professional and cohesive experience.


Manage client relationships better with ProClient CRM. It organizes, filters, and links client information. This makes it easier to track interactions and build stronger relationships. Enhanced organization and tracking lead to more personalized client interactions, improving engagement and loyalty.


ProClient ensures the highest level of data security. We partner with Amazon AWS for robust encryption and protection of your clients’ sensitive information. Secure data handling reassures clients, increasing their trust and willingness to engage with your services.

Mobile App

Access all ProClient features on the go. The mobile platform is just as secure and user-friendly as the desktop version. Manage your business from anywhere. Mobile access means you can engage with clients anytime, providing flexibility and responsiveness that clients value.

Benefits of Using a Client Engagement Platform

Improve Client Experience with Trusted Data

Personalized client experiences build strong loyalty. To create these experiences, you need accurate data. Traditional methods require multiple tools like marketing stacks and legacy CRMs, which often stay siloed. A modern client engagement platform collects first-party data from different sources into one unified view. This ensures accurate, personalized interactions—all managed securely on a single platform.

Customize the Solution for Your Business Needs

Technology keeps advancing. Businesses also need to adapt. A client engagement platform provides the flexibility to scale and customize as client needs change. For example, you might increase email outreach during tax season and reduce SMS notifications. The platform can also integrate automated chatbots to assist clients, reducing wait times and improving service efficiency. This adaptability ensures you continually meet client expectations while reducing operational costs.

Get a Granular Understanding of Client Interactions

CEPs come with analytics features that help you understand client interactions in detail. This allows for better evaluation of engagement strategies and optimization of client onboarding processes. You can track client behavior, identify valuable services, and address friction points, leading to improved service delivery. Personalized interactions based on past engagements increase the chances of clients using your services effectively

What is the Difference Between CRM and a Client Engagement Platform?

Although there’s some overlap in their capabilities, customer relationship management (CRM) and customer engagement platforms (CEPs) differ in their focus and functionalities.

CRM systems are primarily designed to manage a company’s interactions with current and potential customers. Their main goal is to improve business relationships, streamline processes, and increase sales. They focus on sales, marketing, and customer support functions, including managing contact information, tracking sales leads, conducting sales forecasting, and providing customer service.

In contrast, customer engagement platforms are built to actively engage customers. Their purpose is to build a deeper relationship with customers by providing personalized and meaningful interactions. CEPs offer tools for communication across multiple channels, like email or in-app messaging, to enhance the overall customer experience.

automated business messaging

Automated Business Messaging

Simplify client communication with ProClient’s automated text messaging system for accountants. Send reminders, updates, and notifications with minimal effort. This saves you time and reduces the need for back-and-forth communication. Clients get the info they need right when they need it, which helps keep everyone in sync and reduces no-shows

Sync with Existing Tools Through Integration

ProClient integrates with your existing tools like Office 365 and Google Suite. This keeps your client communications in sync and your schedule up-to-date. No more double bookings or missed appointments. All your important dates and client interactions are in one place, streamlining your workflow.

sync thru integration
personalize messages

Personalize Messages with Customizable Templates

ProClient offers customizable templates for text and email. Inform clients about deadlines, documents needed, and other key details. Clear, professional messages reduce misunderstandings and make clients happy. This personal touch helps build stronger client relationships and shows you care about their needs.

Manage Inbound Queries Efficiently

Keep all client messages in one spot with ProClient Connect. This way, you know who needs your attention and what they need. No more lost messages or missed follow-ups. Easily manage and prioritize incoming queries to ensure timely responses and satisfied clients

manage queries
manage relationships better

Manage Relationships Better with CRM Features

ProClient includes robust CRM features to help you manage your client relationships. Easily organize, filter, and locate client information. Link related records and track interactions across multiple contacts within an organization. This gives you a complete view of your client relationships and helps you provide better service.

Track Communications with Client Tracking

Track all your client communications in one place. ProClient Connect lets you see message history and calls with each client. Easily access past interactions, ensuring you never miss an important follow-up or detail.

track communications
automate workflows

Automate Workflows for Efficiency

Automation is a key feature of ProClient that helps streamline your business processes. By setting up automated workflows, you can ensure that routine tasks are completed consistently and on time. For example, you can automate the process of sending follow-up emails after client meetings or scheduling reminders for upcoming tax deadlines. Automation also allows you to provide a higher level of service without increasing your workload.

Tips for Getting Started With a Client Engagement Platform

Streamline implementation

When you adopt a client engagement platform for your accounting firm, it becomes crucial to develop a timeline for its implementation. List each step that will be needed for a smooth transition. Assign a point person to oversee the transition and have them delegate implementation tasks to other members of the organization as needed (and follow up).

streamline implementation
test client engagement

Test Your Client Engagement Software

Before launching the platform company-wide, test it. If you choose ProClient, this should be quick and easy, as our software is thoroughly tested and proven.


Prioritize Staff Training

Ensure your employees know how to use the tool. It will be a part of their daily work routine, so they must learn how to operate it effectively. Provide comprehensive training that covers all features of the tool. Utilize the tutorials, guides, and FAQs provided. Also, conduct training sessions—both in-person and online—to allow employees to practice, ask questions, and learn troubleshooting.

prioritize staff training
communicate change

Communicate the Change

Inform your clients about the new engagement platform. Explain how it will benefit them and what to expect. Clear information is crucial to make clients comfortable with the new system. Present this change as a special upgrade intended to simplify their experience.

Following these steps ensures a smooth implementation of your new client engagement platform and demonstrates your commitment to serving your clients’ best interests.


Can ProClient Work for Non-Accounting Businesses?

Originally designed for tax preparation professionals, ProClient’s versatile suite of business tools has proven valuable for a wide range of industries. Below are some sectors that can leverage the software to streamline their operations:


Retail businesses can benefit from ProClient by efficiently managing inventory and customer interactions. The platform allows for quick invoicing and payment processing, streamlining daily operations and boosting customer satisfaction.


Consultants in various fields can improve client engagement with ProClient. It helps with scheduling, managing client information, and keeping project documents in one place. This makes it easy to stay on top of things.

Legal Services

Legal businesses can take advantage of ProClient to consolidate their operations, including scheduling consultations, safeguarding important legal documents, and managing financial transactions efficiently.

Real Estate

Real estate agencies can schedule showings, manage documents with the highest levels of security, and communicate through the client portal. This keeps client interactions smooth and professional.

Whether you’re a law firm coordinating client meetings, a retail store handling inventory, or a consultancy managing projects, ProClient serves a variety of companies looking to manage their operations efficiently.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Gone are the days when scanning, mailing, and physical signatures were efficient. Modern clients prefer digital processes and seamless interactions. ProClient is at the forefront of this shift, offering features like electronic invoicing and payment processing to enhance client satisfaction.

Sticking to outdated invoicing methods is not just inefficient but also a missed opportunity. Use ProClient to modernize your invoicing process and gain a competitive advantage.

User-Friendly Interface

Client engagement software is often complex and not user-friendly. At ProClient, we understand the frustration this can cause for tax professionals and their clients. Our software is intuitive and easy to use, allowing anyone to operate it with minimal technical skills. After just a brief training, your team can begin to use the software with ease.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

ProClient operates on a cloud-based system, allowing you to access our client engagement platform from anywhere. This flexibility is ideal for tax firms that work remotely or have team members who travel often. Unlike traditional on-premises software that limits you to a local server, ProClient’s cloud setup allows your engagement capabilities to be as mobile as your team.

Client Self-Service Options

Empower your clients by offering self-service options through ProClient. Clients can schedule their appointments, access business messaging system for accountants, and view their account status at their convenience. This reduces the need for back-and-forth communication and allows clients to manage their own needs. Self-service options improve client satisfaction by providing greater flexibility and control over their interactions with your firm.

Personalized Client Engagement

ProClient allows you to tailor interactions with clients based on their specific needs and preferences. Using our platform, you can segment your clients and send targeted messages that resonate with each group. This personalized approach makes your clients feel valued and understood, leading to stronger relationships and higher client retention. For instance, you can send personalized tax tips to individual clients or reminders about important deadlines, ensuring they stay informed and engaged.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Understanding how your clients interact with your services is crucial for continuous improvement. ProClient’s client engagement platform includes powerful analytics and reporting tools. These tools allow you to track client interactions, measure engagement levels, and identify areas for improvement. You can generate detailed reports that provide insights into client behavior, helping you make data-driven decisions to enhance your services.

work life balance

Find Your Work-Life Balance

Tax season is notoriously demanding for tax professionals. Complicated tasks and tight deadlines can often challenge a healthy work-life balance. Why stick with inefficient client engagement tools when ProClient offers a more efficient solution? ProClient enhances your engagement process, simplifying how you handle client interactions, saving you time, and reducing stress.

With ProClient, you can automate client communications, streamline meeting organization, and effectively manage your engagements. This allows you to focus on delivering excellent service and expanding your business, all while maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

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