ProClient Software for Office Tax Management FAQ

Find quick answers to common questions about ProClient.


Is ProClient software only for tax preparers?
No, ProClient is beneficial to every industry.
Is ProClient an Ultimate Tax company?

Yes, Ultimate Tax and ProClient were both founded by CEO Mike Steele.

Does ProClient have any additional costs or fees?
No, we offer transparent pricing with the option of monthly or yearly payments.

Technology & Security

Does ProClient integrate with other software or platforms?

Yes, ProClient seamlessly integrates with your existing Office 365 & Google Suite programs.

How does ProClient handle client data security and privacy?

With two-factor authentication, users can select a method to receive their one-time PIN every time they log in to the ProClient portal. This adds an extra layer of protection for client documents stored in the system.

Does ProClient have the ability to import and export client data?

Yes, with ProClient Docs you can securely manage and send client data.

Is there a limit on the number of users that can access ProClient?
Yes, there is a limit based on what plan you choose. However, you can also pay to add additional users as needed. See more information here.


Is there training available for new ProClient users?

We have a helpful knowledge base for ProClient users.

Is there a free trial or demo version of ProClient available?

Yes, you can try out ProClient for free by signing up here.


What features does ProClient offer?

ProClient’s user-friendly and comprehensive platform allows you to manage your business needs, including marketing, document management, client portal, billing, scheduling, and more. Our features were designed with your time and money in mind so that you can focus less on administrative tasks and more on growing your business.

Can ProClient be customized to fit the specific needs of my business?

Yes, there are many customization options available in the ProClient system. For example, clients may personalize their client portals with their own branding specifications.

Does ProClient have the ability to send appointment reminders to clients?

Yes, with ProClient Calendar you can set up automatic reminders for clients.

Can ProClient track and manage client billing and payments?

Yes, ProClient offers billing and invoicing solutions.

Does ProClient have a calendar view for easy scheduling?

Yes, ProClient Calendar offers simple and convenient self-scheduling.

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