ProClient Calendar

Planning and scheduling can take up a considerable chunk of your day, especially when trying to clean up calendar mishaps like double bookings and missed meetings.

With self-scheduling, double booking prevention, and many other time-saving features, ProClient can help you take control of your calendar and delight your clients with a user-friendly experience.

ProClient Calendar


With ProClient Calendar’s self-scheduling tool, clients can easily find a time on your calendar and make an appointment without the hassle of endless back-and-forth emails or phone calls. This allows the client to select an appointment at their convenience while saving you valuable time. You no longer have to be your clients’ or employees’ central point of contact. Your time is valuable, so quit wasting time scheduling! ProClients scheduling system is like a time maker.

Accurate Availability

ProClients offers time-zone detection and conversion, eliminating missed meetings due to time-zone differences. We also provide the ability to set daily limits and buffer times between meetings, which is critical to your mental health and overall productivity. These unique features make your calendar more accurate and show your actual availability, freeing you from scheduling mistakes.

Set Reminders

By utilizing ProClient’s customizable emails and text reminders, you can inform your clients of the appointment times and details such as location or paperwork to bring along. This dramatically decreases the chances of no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

Manage Walk-Ins

ProClient Calendar allows you to manage your office lobby walk-ins while respecting the flow of scheduled appointments. No more wondering who has been waiting the longest. Now you know who is waiting in your lobby before you even get there.

Calendar Integration

ProClient integrates and connects with different online tools, including Office 365 and Google Suite. This allows you to know your schedule in ProClient without the need to open ProClient. Additionally, when you schedule your time for other reasons, those new appointments will sync to ProClient and remove your availability so that you do not get those awkward double-booking appointments.

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