ProClient Features Breakdown

ProClient’s user-friendly and comprehensive platform allows you to manage your business needs, including marketing, document management, client portal, billing, scheduling, and more. Our features were designed with your time and money in mind so that you can focus less on administrative tasks and more on growing your business.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite ProClient features and what they can do for your business.

ProClient Features


Planning and scheduling can take up a considerable chunk of your day, especially when trying to clean up calendar mishaps like double bookings and missed meetings.

With self-scheduling, double booking prevention, and many other time-saving features, ProClient can help you take control of your calendar and delight your clients with a user-friendly experience.

ProClient Features Calendar


With ProClient Calendar’s self-scheduling tool, clients can easily find a time on your calendar and make an appointment without the hassle of endless back-and-forth emails or phone calls. This allows the client to select an appointment at their convenience while saving you valuable time. You no longer have to be your clients’ or employees’ central point of contact. Your time is valuable, so quit wasting time scheduling! ProClients scheduling system is like a time maker.

Accurate Availability

ProClients offers time-zone detection and conversion, eliminating missed meetings due to time-zone differences. We also provide the ability to set daily limits and buffer times between meetings, which is critical to your mental health and overall productivity. These unique features make your calendar more accurate and show your actual availability, freeing you from scheduling mistakes.

Set Reminders

By utilizing ProClient’s customizable emails and text reminders, you can inform your clients of the appointment times and details such as location or paperwork to bring along. This dramatically decreases the chances of no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

Manage Walk-Ins

ProClient Calendar allows you to manage your office lobby walk-ins while respecting the flow of scheduled appointments. No more wondering who has been waiting the longest. Now you know who is waiting in your lobby before you even get there.

Calendar Integration

ProClient integrates and connects with different online tools, including Office 365 and Google Suite. This allows you to know your schedule in ProClient without the need to open ProClient. Additionally, when you schedule your time for other reasons, those new appointments will sync to ProClient and remove your availability so that you do not get those awkward double-booking appointments.



Advanced Document Security Standards

As a business owner, you must handle an overwhelming amount of documentation, which can be exhaustive and time-consuming. Plus, you must ensure that all these documents are secure, as your clients rely on you to protect their sensitive information. ProClient Billing

ProClient Docs, our document management solution, combines the latest technology, secure file sharing, and powerful workflow automation tools all in one centralized hub. This enables you to securely collect, manage, store, and share documents for clients and team members.

With ProClient Docs, you can:

  • Streamline document management workflow, including document tagging, document review, access management, file version management, renaming, online viewing, and downloading. This reduces operational costs associated with copy machines, supplies, and storage space for filing cabinets.
  • Improve staff collaboration with version control and other improved features that allow everyone to access the most recent version of any document
  • Eliminate geographical limitations with digital documents accessible anywhere, anytime, with the correct permissions.
  • Mitigate risk and compliance issues with audit trail and retention functionality.

By electronically organizing and storing all documents in one place, ProClient Docs offer an optimized, paperless workflow process. Best of all, you can manage your business documents securely anytime, anywhere. This will eliminate your issue of clients reaching out and asking for another copy- they have it available to them at any time.

ProClient Features Tracking

The ability to track and control who accesses information is central to every document security system.

With two-factor authentication, users can select a method to receive their one-time PIN every time they log in to the ProClient portal. This adds an extra layer of protection for client documents stored in the system.

Our services are remote and work-friendly, so you can access everything you want, whether you work from home or in a brick-and-mortar setting.

Regarding data security, your client’s sensitive data and your business’s reputation are at stake. This is why you need to count on a platform designed with security as a top priority.



With ProClient Portal, you can give your clients access and freedom over their information, all while maintaining your brand.

ProClient Portal unifies all client interactions with your team into a single, secure portal. You have the power to control what the clients can see and access and what they cannot, including document files and folders, schedules, tasks, document request lists, discussions, invoicing, and more.

Efficiently manage the look and feel of your portal by incorporating your brand logo, colors, and fonts.

Offer Clients Visibility to Your Tasks and Projects

A unified portal allows you and your clients to view information and stay up-to-date on what they have submitted. This portal allows clients to access questionnaires, forms, file uploads, and more. Plus, live dashboards provide automatic updates as clients and team members complete tasks, giving you full transparency of where you are in the process.

Secure Data and File Sharing

ProClient gives clients and team members the convenience and flexibility to exchange data and documents securely. Collect, review, accept or reject, and approve documents in one secure portal, to eliminate unsecured transfer channels that may be present in your local systems.

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection, allowing customers and clients to upload and manage sensitive information anytime. You can store your documents directly in ProClient.

Effective Budget and Invoice Management

ProClient features native planning, budgeting, and invoicing solutions. Send professional electronic invoices and receive payment directly to your desired account. You can also set up recurring invoicing and billing. Clients can easily access their portal to see invoices and payments.

Prepare Documents Quickly and Confidently, from Anywhere

From uploading simple files to the most complex documents, our solution is designed to save you time and improve productivity. You can work with your team on your tablet, desktop, or mobile devices- whether in the office or at home. Plus, you get built-in layers of security, seamless updates, and automatic backups.



Managing all your companies’ clients and associated contacts became easier thanks to advanced tools on ProClient CRM that allow you to organize, filter, and locate what exactly you’re looking for.

Access everything you need to manage customers on one dashboard, including appointments, documents, email & text, auditing, billing, and more. Best of all, you can add unlimited contacts and companies.

Flexible Record Linking

ProClient CRM allows you to better understand complex client relationships through flexible record-linking capabilities. You can link customers, accounts, and other records to existing contacts in the system, allowing the team to determine their connections quickly and even build customized follow-ups in real-time.

Import Client Data

Quickly import contact and account data into ProClient CRM from multiple sources, including spreadsheets, calendars, and other systems. You can import the data in their simple format or allow the import tool to detect your data type and provide matching options.

Team Management

Access tracking tools allow you to track and monitor each team member’s activities in the CRM, giving you optimal visibility and control of your team’s tasks. Also, easily manage who has access to various documents for heightened security and accountability.



ProClient Security allows you to collect and protect sensitive information with world-class security and encryption. Collect client information effortlessly and adhere to strict compliance protocols to secure your data.

Data Security

We partner with Amazon AWS data centers, a robust data security network, infrastructure, and solution designed to protect your identities, information, applications, and devices. This allows you to automate the manual security processes so you can focus on scaling and innovating your business. Additional encryption layers are also available to ensure you have the most secure infrastructure in the industry.

Our client’s information is data-encrypted and secured by a firewall and anti-virus technology. Our SSL setup with 256-bit encryption keeps both incoming and outgoing data private so that you can ensure your client’s sensitive data and documents are always protected.

Automated Data Storage

There is no need to back up your documents manually, as it is completed automatically and on a daily basis. This ensures your data is encrypted and stored for maximum protection. As long as you have an active account, you and your clients can easily access all the stored documents.

Credit Card Protection

All payments made via credit cards are processed by Payrix, our PCI-compliant service partner.

ProClient serves as a gateway for credit card information to ensure its sent directly to our payment providers over a secure SSL connection. We enable companies accepting payment cards or directly involved in storage, processing, and transmitting cardholder data to achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance.

At no point is this confidential data shared with ProClient, its developers, or subscribers.


Invoicing & Payments

Make invoicing and payment collection painless with ProClient. Draft and send customized electronic invoices and receive payments directly to your bank accounts.

ProClient Invoicing and Payments

Fully Integrated Secure Payment Processing

Clients can make payments anytime, anywhere with our secure and fully integrated payment processing system. The system accepts both credit cards and ACH payments.

Create customized products and sales tax.

The Last Business Tool You’ll Ever Need

Picture a world where your team members and clients go to a single portal for all business processes and communication.

Creating a single set of actionable data allows you to create customizable processes that provide better experiences and outcomes for you and your clients. That’s what ProClient is all about. Everything you need, from marketing to billing to document management and scheduling, including a customizable CRM, is here to ensure you save time and money.

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No, ProClient is beneficial to every industry.

Yes, Ultimate Tax and ProClient were both founded by CEO Mike Steele.

No, we offer transparent pricing with the option of monthly or yearly payments.

Technology & Security

Yes, ProClient seamlessly integrates with your existing Office 365 & Google Suite programs.

With two-factor authentication, users can select a method to receive their one-time PIN every time they log in to the ProClient portal. This adds an extra layer of protection for client documents stored in the system.

Yes, with ProClient Docs you can securely manage and send client data.

Yes, there is a limit based on what plan you choose. However, you can also pay to add additional users as needed. See more information here.


We have a helpful knowledge base for ProClient users.

Yes, you can try out ProClient for free by signing up here.


ProClient’s user-friendly and comprehensive platform allows you to manage your business needs, including marketing, document management, client portal, billing, scheduling, and more. Our features were designed with your time and money in mind so that you can focus less on administrative tasks and more on growing your business.

Yes, there are many customization options available in the ProClient system. For example, clients may personalize their client portals with their own branding specifications.

Yes, with ProClient Calendar you can set up automatic reminders for clients.

Yes, ProClient offers billing and invoicing solutions.

Yes, ProClient Calendar offers simple and convenient self-scheduling.