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ProClient Features Breakdown

ProClient’s user-friendly and comprehensive platform allows you to manage your business needs, including marketing, document management, client portal, billing, scheduling, and more. Our features were designed with your time and money in mind so that you can focus less on administrative tasks and more on growing your business.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite ProClient features and what they can do for your business.

ProClient features
client scheduling software for small business



Planning and scheduling can take up a considerable chunk of your day, especially when trying to clean up calendar mishaps like double bookings and missed meetings.

With self-scheduling, double booking prevention, and many other time-saving features, ProClient can help you take control of your calendar and delight your clients with a user-friendly experience.



Advanced Document Security Standards

As a business owner, you must handle an overwhelming amount of documentation, which can be exhaustive and time-consuming. Plus, you must ensure that all these documents are secure, as your clients rely on you to protect their sensitive information.

ProClient Docs
ProClient Portal



With ProClient Portal, you can give your clients access and freedom over their information, all while maintaining your brand.

ProClient Portal unifies all client interactions with your team into a single, secure portal. You have the power to control what the clients can see and access and what they cannot, including document files and folders, schedules, tasks, document request lists, discussions, invoicing, and more.

Efficiently manage the look and feel of your portal by incorporating your brand logo, colors, and fonts.



Managing all your companies’ clients and associated contacts became easier thanks to advanced tools on ProClient CRM that allow you to organize, filter, and locate what exactly you’re looking for.

Access everything you need to manage customers on one dashboard, including appointments, documents, email & text, auditing, billing, and more. Best of all, you can add unlimited contacts and companies.

ProClient CRM
ProClient Security



ProClient Security allows you to collect and protect sensitive information with world-class security and encryption. Collect client information effortlessly and adhere to strict compliance protocols to secure your data.


Invoicing & Payments

Make invoicing and payment collection painless with ProClient. Draft and send customized electronic invoices and receive payments directly to your bank accounts.

Fully Integrated Secure Payment Processing

Clients can make payments anytime, anywhere with our secure and fully integrated payment processing system. The system accepts both credit cards and ACH payments.

Create customized products and sales tax.

ProClient Invoicing & Payments
tax sched doc maange


Client Engagement Platform

Engaging or re-engaging clients efficiently during busy seasons can be a significant burden. It’s a time when everything seems to happen at once.


Client Management Software

As a busy tax professional, you have a lot to balance. At ProClient, we’re big believers in working smarter, not harder. That’s why we developed our all-in-one client management software for accountants.

Client Management Software for Your Tax Business
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Tax Office Management

Wondering how to make your tax office run smoother? It’s time to find out what tax office management software can do for you.

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