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Document management is a critical element for every tax preparer, but it can quickly become a headache if you don’t have the right system in place. A document management software like ProClient can help firms store and manage clients’ files and documents without a hassle. With such a solution, tax preparers can serve more clients quickly and with high-level accuracy, with an opportunity to securely share these documents and collaborate with clients.

How To Send Sensitive Documents Securely

Is your business properly securing your contracts, receipts, and invoices when sending them to your clients? If not, you are inadvertently putting your business at risk of serious data breaches. There were over 800 cases of data compromises in the first half of 2022, and over 53 million people were affected by these data breaches due to inadequate information security.

ProClient was designed with your protection in mind with features such as secure document storage, management, and sharing. Let’s take a look at how ProClient can help you secure your documents and protect your business.

Send Documents to Clients

Secure file sharing can help reduce the risk of cyber breaches and prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. One way to securely send documents is through the cloud using Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Firefox Send. These services encrypt your files to protect them from hackers. Documents stored in the cloud are accessible anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet-connected device. You can also send documents security through password protection, where the user needs to enter a password for all the sensitive documents to access them.

Secure client portals, such as the ProClient Portal, provide the best of both worlds (cloud and password protection) to ensure your documents are shared securely.

Clients can set up a Client Portal and access everything they need in one place. They need a password to securely access, upload, sign, and share documents. Clients are notified immediately when new documents are shared so they can quickly take the required action.

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Clients Can Upload Documents

When clients log in to the ProClient Portal interface, they can upload or download documents from anywhere, giving them a secure and efficient way to receive essential client files electronically.

First, you must create a CRM profile for your client in the ProClient portal, then send them an invitation link to their portal with a username and password.

Once the client logs in, they can either upload the documents they want directly from their computer or drag-and-drop the document from a file manager window to the portal in any format. This automatically uploads the document to the portal, and the client will be able to see the file name and extension.

The file is then automatically stored in the cloud, and the client can access it anytime.

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Review Documents

ProClient’s Document Review functionality allows you and your client to review the completed documents and double-check for accuracy.

Your client can then request changes and upload the updated version to the Client Portal.

By allowing clients to manage and review the documents in their account regularly, mistakes are significantly less likely to occur.

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Document Tags

ProClient’s highly versatile document tagging system allows you to create any tag you want and create categories of tags so that you can better organize your documents.

What you can accomplish with document tagging:

  1. Categorize your documents
  2. Match them to the information you stored
  3. Alert users to the document that matches their interest
  4. Route the document to another workflow

All tags are stored in a database and can be easily retrieved and edited at any time.

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Document Center

On the client’s profile in ProClient CRM, you can access ProClient’s Document Center. The Document Center contains features that make creating and managing large sets of documents more manageable and efficient. You can view the document, title, share status, and perform the following actions:

  1. Add and create tags
  2. Edit the primary tag, document title, and note
  3. Compose and send email messages to the client with the document automatically attached
  4. Share or unshare the document (share status is automatically updated)
  5. Upload a new version (overwriting the previously uploaded version)
  6. Delete the document from the ProClient system

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Secure Your Documents with ProClient

Secure sharing of sensitive documents is a key part of any business. Whether you’re sharing documents with your team or sending the files to your client, security should be a top priority.

The solution is to use an all-in-one solution such as ProClient for document management with plenty of features to create, store, share, and manage your documents. Take advantage of functionalities such as document tagging, review, and document center, all accessible on a single Client’s Portal, to streamline your documentation processes and keep sensitive information safe.

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