What Risks From Sending Documents Through Email Can Be Minimized With Document Management Solutions?

With many important documents taking a digital format these days, sharing those documents is an important responsibility. Sometimes email just doesn’t cut it. Some individuals who value their privacy and security have weighed in on what risks people take on when they send a document via email. Keep reading to find out if you need to implement a document management solution in your organization.

Tim Connon

Tim Connon

Unauthorized Access

Document solutions can encrypt the data in the emails because without encryption the files can be accessed and compromised. There are also access controls that can prevent unwanted access from users. These two risks of data breaches and unauthorized access are easily addressed and fixed using document management solutions.

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith

Operations Manager at Ticket Squeeze.

Damaged or Deleted Documents

When you send important documents via email, there is a risk of them getting lost or damaged. Email programs are known for crashing or being deleted, which could result in the loss of important files. Additionally, it is possible for others to unintentionally delete files they were not supposed to see, potentially jeopardizing important information.

Using a document management solution helps to reduce risks by keeping all your files in one place. This ensures that your files are secure and protected from being accidentally deleted or harmed. Moreover, it simplifies file sharing with others, promoting collaboration and alignment on important projects.

Wendy Wilhoit

Wendy Wilhoit

Operations Manager at Brick Anew.

Failure To Comply With Regulatory Standards

Sending emails including sensitive material in the body of the message can make it more difficult to monitor who accessed or read the document, which is needed by a number of regulatory agencies. If banks and other financial institutions do not know who has viewed the papers, they may be exposed to regulatory fines and penalties for non-compliance with data privacy regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Ethan Keller

President of Dominion.

Finding Data Might Be Challenging

Looking through one’s email for a certain attachment might be a time-consuming process. When communicating by email, it is hard to determine whether the most recent version of the document was delivered, and it is also conceivable that the information you want will not be easy to locate. You have no means of knowing if files or documents that include sensitive information are being transmitted and received appropriately since email does not give a method to track when and how documents are shared.

James Gibson

Digital Marketing Manager at Camsurf.

Organization and Version Management

When people exchange documents by email, it can be difficult to keep track of revisions and maintain order. These issues are addressed by document management solutions, which keep track of previous versions of documents, clarify which version is the most up-to-date, and provide centralized repositories with powerful search tools for easy document organizing and retrieval.

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