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In order to successfully run a tax preparation business, you must have the proper tools- document management, a client portal, a CRM, a scheduling tool, and more. Too often, businesses add these components individually, only to find themselves overwhelmed with multiple products that don’t communicate with each other. The better solution is to opt for an all-in-one application that streamlines the entire administrative process for your tax business.

Streamline Your Scheduling & Office Management Duties

Handling administrative tasks can take up a lot of time and resources. When scheduling appointments manually, you can find yourself overbooked with back-to-back appointments with no time to prep for the next meeting. Double-booking is another issue that can occur, resulting in dissatisfied clients. An all-in-one scheduling solution like ProClient keeps you updated with appointments and automatically helps you avoid double bookings and missed meetings.

ProClient empowers clients to view your calendar and select the most convenient times for them, improving client satisfaction and eliminating double bookings and missed appointments.

ProClient Calendar automatically detects time zones and sets appointment times accordingly. When the appointment is complete, you can quickly create a customized invoice that can be sent electronically, with clients able to deposit funds directly into your bank account using the secure payment process feature.

View upcoming appointments, documents, emails and texts, the client portal, and billing all from a single screen with ProClient CRM. This eliminates the need to have multiple tabs open when managing your clients.

Securely Share and Manage Documents

Preparing tax returns means that you’re dealing with a tremendous amount of paper daily, increasing the likelihood of lost or misplaced documents. With ProClient Docs, you can store all of your documents electronically in one central location for easy access. Easily integrating with the ProClient Portal, the Document Center, hosted on the cloud, securely stores all client documents, including completed tax returns, with all documents readily accessible at all times from any device with an Internet connection.

ProClient’s top-notch security features ensure that all stored documents and other data remain safe, with servers backed up daily, all stored documents encrypted, and all credit card data stored and managed using a Level 1 compliant developer platform.

Utilize a Client Portal

Secure client communication is paramount for the tax preparation business since client work papers and other confidential documents need to be shared regularly. That’s why a secure client portal is necessary for any tax business. Instead of manually uploading documents, each client is provided with their own personal portal to share confidential documents with you, send private messages, and download completed tax returns.

But portals aren’t only convenient for your clients. With a portal, you’ll no longer have to wait until a client provides a physical copy of their financial records and tax documents. Instead, you can simply download everything you need from the portal once the client uploads it.

The ProClient Portal also provides a secure messaging option, easy invoice management, and secure access, offering 2-factor authentication so you and your client can rest assured that all confidential data remains safe and secure.

ProClient: The Best Comprehensive Business Tool for Tax Professionals

The success of your tax business relies on keeping your customers happy. But missed appointments, lost documents, and miscommunication can quickly sour a good business relationship. Add to that the stress of managing multiple software subscriptions that don’t integrate with each other, and your tax business can quickly become a liability.

When you’re ready for a comprehensive solution loaded with features including CRM capability, document management, a client portal, and complete client scheduling capability, look no further than ProClient, created by a tax expert who knows just how frustrating dealing with administrative tasks can be.

ProClient is an all-in-one application available at an affordable price, making it an excellent solution for the smaller tax business on a budget. Instead of spending hours on administrative tasks, ProClient can be the assistant you’ve been looking for, allowing you to spend your hours more productively and growing your business. Try ProClient free for 14 days to see for yourself.

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